The Troubled History Of Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was no stranger to arrest warrants, and as John Burks of Rolling Stone tells us, his personal best was probably the aftermath of a particularly tumultuous concert on March 2, 1969. Over one, frenzied night in Miami, Florida, the Doors singer managed to rack up no less than five misdemeanor charges, and a felony one to boot. At most, he could have been sentenced to three years and 150 days in prison, and as Larry Mahoney of the Miami Herald put it at the time, “They’d crucify him if they could, they’re so worked up.”

So what did Morrison do to warrant that kind of anger? If you asked the authorities, the Lizard King had exposed his mini-lizard onstage, which, along with some public profanity and the obligatory-to-Morrison public drunkenness was more than enough to stir the pot big time. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, Morrison turned himself in a month after the fact, and he was actually found guilty of public profanity and exposure. Whether this would actually have caused the vocalist to see the inside of a State Penitentiary or not, we’ll never know, because Morrison died before his appeal. The whole, unfortunate incident was finally put to rest in 2010, when Florida’s clemency board and Governor Charlie Crist posthumously pardoned Jim Morrison, per USA Today.

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