How To Decorate Your Home Like Carrie’s Apartment In Sex And The City

Do you remember Carrie’s bold blue closet? You probably do! As long as it matches the rest of the decor, you can pick a similar element to accentuate in your home. Steering away from whites, beiges, and soft colors can hit a style high note. So, how do you start accentuating, and what amount of bold colors should you use? Interior design experts from MyMove follow the 60/30/10 rule. This principle is straightforward and works wonders.

First, pick the dominant neutral tone to cover 60 percent of the surfaces. The second, usually bolder, shade makes up 30 percent of the room. The most eye-catching color should cover the final 10 percent of the space. This ratio will ensure you get a perfectly accentuated apartment, no matter what elements you decide to highlight. If you are wondering what accent colors to use, yellow, pink, and navy blue tones are ideal for your sofa, armchairs, and other decorative elements (via The Spruce). For those who prefer a more neutral option, black, dark purple, or rich espresso tones make for a well-balanced and welcoming combination. However, note that the room should get some daylight to offset the dark walls.

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