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Elon Musk Confirms He Would Reverse Donald Trump's Twitter Ban

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Twitter’s future owner Elon Musk (we hope not), finally said the quiet part out loud regarding the return of the twice impeached President Donald Trump to the platform.

The moment bootleg Tony Stark aka Elon Musk, decided to make his move to purchase Twitter, MAGA land immediately dubbed him the savior of their lord and savior, Donald Trump’s banned Twitter account. Speaking at the Financial Times’ Future of the Car conference, Musk finally gave Trump’s loyal fans the red meat they have been waiting to consume.

Musk feels Twitter should be “reluctant to delete things” while being “very cautious with permanent bans.” He also added that Twitter’s decision to ban Trump in January 2021 following the saltine-fueled insurrection was a “mistake” he plans to reverse once his $44 billion acquisition is approved.

“I do think it was not correct to ban Donald Trump. I think that was a mistake,” Musk said. “I would reverse the perma-ban. … But my opinion, and Jack Dorsey, I want to be clear, shares this opinion, is that we should not have perma-bans.”

Musk added, “Banning Trump from Twitter didn’t end Trump’s voice, it will amplify it among the right, and this is why it’s morally wrong and flat out stupid.”

Twitter’s former owner Jack Dorsey responded to Musk’s comments on Tuesday (May.10), stating that he does “agree” that there shouldn’t be permanent bans on Twitter users. {“There are exceptions … but generally, permanent bans are a failure of ours and don’t work,” Dorsey added.

Before Trumpettes could throw their red hats in the air to celebrate, Musk did acknowledge that he is not Twitter’s owner yet, so he’s just talking. “I will say that I don’t own Twitter yet, so this is not a thing that will definitely happen, because what if I don’t own Twitter?”

Musk has also expressed his interest in making Twitter’s algorithm publicly available for anyone to view and rid Twitter of bots promoting spam or scams. He also wants the use of “permanent bans” to become “extremely rare,” utilizing the option for “bots or spam, scam accounts where there’s just no legitimacy to the account at all.”

So, we have to ask, what about all of the regular Twitter users who permanently lost their accounts because of DMCA strikes? Will their permanent bans be reversed too?

We are intrigued to see how this plays out.

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty

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