Everything We Know About Vicky White So Far

Incredibly, Vicky White timed her disappearance and the escape of Casey White to her very last day before retirement. After two decades in corrections, her retirement paperwork was submitted just one week prior, although it had yet to be processed. As of right now, White is no longer an employee of Lauderdale County, according to her boss, Lauderdale Sheriff Rick Singleton, speaking to CNN. Surprisingly, Vicky White never mentioned the end of her career to her mother, although Singleton does say she had opened up to her colleagues about plans to live near the beach.

With loose ends tied up with her employer, Vicky White seems to have planned her escape in one other way as well: She had just sold her house for less than $100,000 — much lower than market value of around $235,000. She had also just purchased the 2007 orange Ford Edge in which they made their escape (per CNN). Vicky White’s mother also says she never spoke to her of Casey White. She said, via ABC affiliate WAAY, “You know, I never heard of him, never seen his picture, nothing. I didn’t know anything about him.” More than anything, though, Davis wants her daughter to turn herself in before she gets hurt.

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