10 Rare Apple Products You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

As previously mentioned, it’s no secret that Apple is expensive — quite expensive, nay bloody expensive, in fact. People often say that you will pay a much higher price for an Apple product than any other commodity product (e.g. an iPad versus a Samsung Android tablet) on the market.

Always a topic of heated debate, it is undeniably true that Apple products are on average quite a bit more immoderately priced compared to other hardware manufacturers’ products. Whether this price difference is justified will forever be a point of contention in the tech world, but did you know, however, that the most expensive computer ever sold was an Apple Computer?

Sold for a staggering $977,000, the one and only, one-of-a-kind, Product Red Mac Pro — specifically designed by Apple’s own Industrial Engineering superstar Jony Ive, alongside fellow engineer Marc Newson for Product Red’s 2013 charity auction, it still holds the title of being the most expensive computer ever sold in history and the only official Red Mac Pro in the world (via Cult of Mac).

Seems but a pittance compared to the entry-level Mac Pro at $2,999, doesn’t it?   

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