The Truth About Lily-Rose Depp’s Relationship With Her Father

Johnny Depp thinks just as highly of his daughter as she does of him. In a 2015 interview, he told the Daily Mail, “Lily’s really together, she’s a sharp kid and one of the smartest human beings I have ever met.” All of that love and admiration is backed up with his actions, as well. According to the publication, one of the reasons that Depp filed the defamation suit at all was for his children.

“The news of [Amber Heard’s] accusations had sort of permeated the industry and then made its way through media and social media became quite a global, let’s say, ‘fact,’ if you will,” Depp said during his London testimony, according to StyleCaster. “Since I knew that there was no truth to it whatsoever, I felt it my responsibility to stand up, not only for myself in that instance, but stand up for my children.”

As if that alone wasn’t completely heart-warming, he added, “I wanted to clear my children of this horrid thing they were having to read about their father, which was untrue.”

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