The Untold Truth Of Jackie O

Before she became Jacqueline Kennedy or Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, she was Jacqueline Bouvier. According to the book “Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: A Life Beyond Her Wildest Dreams,” by Danforth prince and Darwin Porter, Jackie O’s upbringing was extremely privileged — but her family certainly had its secrets. As far as her childhood went, Jackie O enjoyed a pretty privileged lifestyle. She was born in 1929 to John Bouvier III, a stock broker, and Janet Lee, an American heiress.

Jackie O and her family lived in Manhattan and spent summers in a massive mansion in the Hamptons called Wildmoor (via The Wall Street Journal). By the sounds of things, the Bouvier girls wanted for nothing as children — even though their family’s supposed ancient wealth appears to be a fabrication.

As Porter explained to Express, the display of money and grandeur was all a show, as the Bouviers’ ancestry consisted of “cabinet makers, maids, ironmongers, tailors, shopkeepers, tavern owners, farmers, and chimney sweeps.” Additionally, their mother was reportedly actually descended from Irish immigrants. Apparently, the Bouvier family even had a pretend coat of arms!

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