The Truth About Kamala Harris And Douglas Emhoff’s Marriage

It’s not only amazing what you can teach your partner, but when you can really learn from them as well. That has been the case for Doug Emhoff, who revealed that his marriage to Kamala Harris has taught him so much about his own inherent privilege. 

Emhoff, who is a white man of Jewish heritage, told Marie Claire that everyday actions — like going through airport customs, or interacting with security and law enforcement — are incredibly easy for him, an aspect of his life that Harris has highlighted. “She’ll say, ‘You realize that wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t a white dude?’” he explained, which honestly, we can absolutely hear her saying. 

Emhoff continued by sharing that he’d always seen himself as a progressive and very open-minded person, but his marriage to Harris allowed him to open his eyes to aspects of his privilege that he hadn’t identified. “It’s great to be with her because she has such a great perspective and she’s certainly not shy about expressing [it],” he continued. We love to see it.

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