Whatever Happened To Marcia Clark?

During her interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Marcia Clark said she worked on thousands of cases prior to the Simpson trial and her subsequent resignation. She said the realization that her career was over sent her into “some form of depression.” She said, “that’s who I was, a prosecutor. I really loved it. But I couldn’t do it — I was afraid to do it, even, because I was afraid I’d go into court and juries would either hate me or be unfairly sympathetic.”

Clark said she sought the help of a therapist, who she saw periodically. However, she was never prescribed medication.

Prior to joining the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, Clark worked as a criminal defense attorney for the Los Angeles firm Brodey and Price. However, as reported by JRank, Clark struggled with the reality of defending suspects of violent crime. One case in particular, in which the defendant was accused of stabbing a woman to death, was specifically difficult for Clark.

JRank reports Clark’s work on the case led to an acquittal, and the accused killer was freed. However, although she won the case, she struggled emotionally with the result. When she discussed her misgivings with her employer, he suggested she apply for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, where she was hired in 1981.

Clark became known as a conscientious and skilled prosecutor, who had specific success prosecuting accused murderers. 

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