The Stunning Transformation Of Jude Law

In 2009, Jude Law made good on his personal vow to return to theatrical productions. He took on the title role in a production of “Hamlet” that year, taking a stab at Broadway after decades of theater work in London. As the play’s director, Michael Grandage, told NPR, Law had intended to play the role at some point in this 30s and finally had the opportunity to do so.

Law was thrilled with the role, explaining to NPR that part of what makes both the play and the character compelling is that Hamlet can adapt as time passes. He explained to NPR, “Hamlet shifts in the skin. … He has the capability — and the play has the capability — to morph with the times.” 

Co-star Geraldine James, who played Hamlet’s mother in the same production, praised his work to the news organization. She shared that Law’s turn as Hamlet was never easy to predict, saying, “Sometimes, it’s very, very, very emotional … Sometimes it gets more angry. Sometimes it’s more frightening.”

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