Here’s How Much Charlie Gibson Is Really Worth

Charlie Gibson has expensive taste. When it comes to real estate, he owns several properties, including homes in Manhattan, NY and North Falmouth, MA. As The Boston Globe learned, he bought his house in Cape Cod in 1991, after he began running in the local Falmouth Road Race in the ’70s and fell in love with the town. Speaking with the outlet, he called it his favorite place to unwind, gushing, “Every day here is like a vacation.” While on the subject of vacations, Gibson also shared his swanky travel tastes. He and his wife love a good getaway, no matter the cost, and have frequently set sail with Regent Cruises, which boasts about having the “world’s most luxurious fleet.” As he explained, “Cruises aren’t cheap, but the memories are worth every penny.” They’ve also fallen in love with African safaris, which can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $100,000, per Forbes. Yet, the price tag hasn’t stopped them from going on four sub-Saharan safaris in six years.

Perhaps some of their travel budget comes from the sale of their Park City, UT ski chalet, which was listed for $9.4 million in December 2018. As learned, it was actually designed by Gibson’s brother to look like a glass-covered ellipse and was built in 1995. Five bedrooms and seven bathrooms were spread across three floors set on 8,507 square feet. With endless nature views, it’s no wonder Gibson dubbed it “the happiest place on earth.”

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