Amber Heard’s Makeup Claim Refuted by Brand Itself, Didn’t Exist Yet

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Amber Heard‘s attorney claimed her client would cover up alleged bruising with a makeup kit during her relationship with Johnny Depp — but the brand itself is saying … not so fast.

One of the actress’s lawyers, Elaine Bredehoft, said during opening statements last week that Amber would often resort to applying makeup during her time with Depp … to allegedly hide marks she claims were left behind by her boyfriend-turned-husband.

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Bredehoft told the jury that they’d be hearing testimony and seeing evidence proving Amber would use different makeup products to achieve this — and actually held up one of the items Heard apparently used back then, including a very specific Milani correcting kit.

The problem … the kit wasn’t actually in circulation during the time period that Bredehoft was describing — roughly between 2012 and 2016, pre-divorce — according to Milani itself.

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The company posted a TikTok video from their page that refutes what Heard’s attorney was selling … writing, “You asked us… let the record show that our Correcting Kit launched in 2017!” adding a hyper-cut video digging up the deets on this kit’s launch — Dec. 2017.

In short, there’s no way Amber was carrying this kit around in her purse like her lawyer claimed. To be fair — Bredehoft didn’t specifically cite Milani when demonstrating for the jury, so it’s plausible she was simply showing off general makeup to make her point.

Still, if she was pointing to the Milani kit, specifically, then yeah … it doesn’t appear her claim holds water based on what Milani itself is saying. It’ll be interesting to see if Depp latches on to this point and presses it … or if it’ll go unnoticed.

Depp’s team has trotted out witnesses claiming they never saw marks on Amber, even when she “wasn’t wearing makeup” — but her team argues they had no way of knowing whether she had makeup on or not, and that their testimony doesn’t prove it one way or another.

We’re heading into week 3, and at the moment … Depp is still being subjected to cross-examination — much of which thus far has focused on nasty texts he sent about Amber.

There was even a video played that shows JD losing his temper while being recorded in the kitchen — but he’s insisted he never laid a hand on her. His team, meanwhile, played a recording that appears to show Heard admitting to hitting Depp and picking a fight.

She has yet to take the stand to explain her side of things, but will get her chance soon.

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