Mistakes Everyone Makes When Buying Fake Plants

The art of plant arrangement can be a fun challenge, but some people use them in lackluster DIYs, which further accents their artificialness. If you want to DIY fake plants, try DIYs that help makes them appear more natural. This can include adding real dirt, swapping out their containers, or adding natural elements like leaves or sprigs. “If your plant comes pre-potted, add a layer of soil to the planter to make it feel fresh,” Callahan told Apartment Therapy. You also want to change the container to something that matches your own home decor, and if you’re playing with a potted tree, add some rocks to the pot to make it look more natural. 

“What we personally like doing is filling the planter with white stones or moss. If it’s an eight or 10-foot plant, it’s a good idea to fill the pot completely with rocks to help stabilize the plant, then add an extra layer of stone or moss on top,” Frank Daniel, co-founder of Artiplanto, told the publication. Also, don’t be afraid to play with the leaves. “Google images of the real plant, and shape your new faux one to match,” Callahan said. “It will act as a guideline for bending and manipulating the stems and leaves until they feel more organic.”

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