The Untold Truth Of Ink Master Judge Chris Nunez

The traveling Núñez has done gave him an appreciation for the Amazon rainforest, and he’s done fundraising for the Benki Piyãko and the Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute to raise money for a satellite internet connection for the area, according to Next Luxury. He also uses the revenue his app, Color Collab, generates to support various charities, including the Amazon, according to Forbes.  

“My passions that I have in the Amazon and bringing designs from each tribe in the Amazon that we work with as well as Native American tribes and putting all those proceeds to create awareness, the proceeds go 100% back to the tribes,” Núñez said to the publication. “We know they protect our earth, we know they have all of this great knowledge and they have a plant-based technology that rivals your supercomputer, so, in all reality, the defense we get on one side of the earth should be on the other and that is what we push for — that is what I am pushing for — and that is what I am pulling my team along for to do.”

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