Women Are Shaving Their Faces. Here’s Why.

Young woman shaving her face

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good borrow from the boys – boyfriend jeans, blazers, and varsity jackets. But shaving our faces? Have we gone too far? There’s a weird new trend buzzing around the beauty industry: getting rid of peach fuzz.

Because, y’know, those barely noticeable, super fine hairs makes us ladies such uncivilized, chest-beating cavemen, right?

But according to The New York Times, timeless beauties Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe did it. So is there a method to all the madness? Apparently, there is. Shaving your face, also called dermaplaning, does have benefits – but also downsides, too.

So before you lather up and weird your boyfriend/husband out by joining his face-shaving routine, let’s delve into the pros and cons.

Advantages of Shaving Your Face

Woman in curlers shaving face

It’s a Great Exfoliant

Sure you can exfoliate with a facial scrub – but come on – that’s so passé. Ladies, as per the beauty industry, we need to get with it! Running a blade across your face (which seems so much safer) is what’s “hot.” Facialist Kate Somerville swears that shaving peach fuzz is a great exfoliating technique. Is this true or is Somerville out of her mind? Well, dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Hale told The Cut that dermaplaning does, in fact, act as an excellent exfoliant. Who knew, right? It helps to buff off deep layers of dead skin cells.

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It Makes You Glow

We know what you’re thinking: “Um, I don’t want to get a 5 o’clock shadow that would give my man a run for his money.” But don’t worry. According to Dr. Hale, your hair will not grow back thicker or coarser, particularly with vellus hair (also known as peach fuzz). In fact, you’ll actually glow! Dermaplaning can lead to a smooth, luminous, light-reflecting surface thanks to the absence of that dreaded peach fuzz.

It’s Anti-Aging

Ladies, nix all your anti-aging creams – the blade is the way to go! Some say that dermaplaning can help shave (no pun intended) years off your perceived age. Men have fewer wrinkles than women for a reason. Sure there are many explanations why men age more slowly, including having greater sebum production. But shaving, as cosmetic dermatologist Neal Schultz M.D. claims, is one of the driving forces of decelerating aging because it promotes cellular turnover.

Smoother Makeup Application

Woman applying foundation with brush

Peach fuzz has been such a nuisance with makeup application for all these years, hasn’t it? All those tiny, harmless hairs minding their own business, preventing our makeup from blending – how did we ever survive without dermaplaning? With all that peach fuzz out of the way, Allure claims you’ll make way for a smoother application of foundation, concealers, and other makeup goodies ladies love to wear.

Increased Effectiveness of Skin Care Products

Woman applying cream on face

And if you aren’t convinced by now, this – erm – oh-so-logical selling point will, for sure, have you grabbing that razor. Apparently, those darned vellus hairs of yours have rendered your skin care products useless! But once they’re off, some beauty and skincare experts claim you can expect increased effectiveness of your topical applications. Bye, bye peach fuzz, hello Neutrogena!

Disadvantages of Shaving Your Face

Frowning woman in curlers lathering face

Risk of Razor Bumps

Trust us, you don’t want to get Pseudofolliculitis. And yes, it is as awful as it sounds. According to WebMD, Pseudofolliculitis, also known as razor bumps, is inflammation caused by hair regrowing underneath the skin’s surface. Eek!

Beware of Razor Burn

If you have sensitive skin, chances are your razor won’t be kind and will leave you with irritated, burning, red skin if you’re not careful.

Ingrown Hairs are Possible

Ingrown hairs are hairs that curl back into the skin. According to CFA Medicine, women with medium to darker skin tones are more prone to ingrown hairs for a variety of reasons. But still, you must be careful since ingrown hairs can affect anyone.

The Most Effective Way to Shave Your Face

You can head over to a dermatologist for a dermaplaning session, which costs between $80 and $150. But for a more cost-effective option, you can do it yourself. According to instructions given by Dr. Schultz, here’s how:

  • Wet your face to soften your peach fuzz
  • Apply a shaving cream or gel
  • Get a facial razor (former Bachelor cast member Michelle Money suggests using Tinkle razors)
  • Shave in the direction your hair grows
  • Rinse and moisturize
  • Wash your razor and dip in alcohol after each use for sanitary purposes

What will the beauty industry think of next? At this rate, hacking off our eyebrows will be the next, newest discovery in the fountain of youth. Just give it a few years!

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