How To Fix The Apple ID Verification Failed Error

Even if you’ve tried and tested your connection in every possible way, there could still be an issue with your connection to the Apple server in particular. This means that, while your internet works fine in general, there may be an error somewhere between you and Apple. The fix could be to either start using a virtual private network (VPN) for the first time or to disable the VPN you’re currently running. A VPN re-routes your connection through a different server, so it could be the fix for your problem just as easily as it could be the source. Check out the steps below based on your current status.

If you’re not currently using a VPN client, do the following:

1. Download a VPN app/client. Depending on your device, this will be a program that you’ll install on your Mac or an app for your iPhone/iPad. A free, secure VPN client is ProtonVPN, but there are also paid options such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN

2. Run the app and follow the instructions to install it.

3. It’s time to choose a server to connect to. Pick one as close to your actual location as possible. This will ensure your internet speeds aren’t terribly affected and your latency remains acceptable.

4. With the VPN running, try to connect to Apple ID. If that didn’t help, you’ll have to try one of our other options. Alternatively, try a different server that is still located somewhat close to you.

If you are using a VPN client, follow these steps instead:

1. Disconnect from VPN entirely.

2. Restart your device to be sure the connection has been restored to its original state.

3. Try to connect to Apple ID after turning your device back on.

You may need to activate or deactivate your VPN using your iPhone’s VPN & Device Management settings. Open Settings, General, VPN & Device Management, and sign in or out accordingly. These settings are generally only used when you need to enter your network manually or use a work or school account.

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