The 12 Most Expensive Laptops In The World

Two NVIDIA GTX 1080s, an overclocked i7 processor, 64 GB RAM, and a couple of SSDs are not bad for a current high-end PC, never mind a six-year-old laptop. The Asus ROG GX800VH could still hold its own today, which is astonishing when you consider a console generation has almost passed between its release and now.

There is always a tradeoff, and the GX800VH lost some of the portability you expect with a laptop when Asus decided to cram a high-end gaming desktop’s worth of hardware in there. The enormous battery and water cooling system needed to make this thing function also piled on the pounds.

The ROG GX800VH originally retailed for $6,300. However, its value has appreciated somewhat. You can currently pick one up from Aztec Computers for $7,583.75 — which they claim is a hefty discount from the $10,238 they usually have it listed for. At least they throw in free shipping. So those of you desperate for a half-decade old, boundary-pushing, water-cooled laptop are still in luck!

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