Inside Jaden Smith’s Complicated Love Life

Remember when Jada Pinkett Smith said on “Red Table Talk” that she was “concerned” about some of Jaden Smith’s significant others? She might have been referring to Instagram-famous star Sarah Snyder, who had a very high-profile arrest while she was dating Jaden. Per US Weekly, the couple started dating in early 2015, and they were spotted everywhere from the front row of New York Fashion Week to every street corner, where they found time to engage in lots of PDA.

According to Page Six, in June 2015, Synder was “arrested … and charged with one count of grand larceny in the third degree.” Per the outlet, she was “accused of stealing a $15,995 Hermès purse from the Route 117 Bypass Shopping Center” in New York.

“There was a lot of proof I didn’t do it. There was a time-stamped plane ticket, my dad’s affidavit, my phone records, my credit card statement, and there are pictures of me in my dad’s house in Florida on the same day they claim I stole the purse,” she told “Harper’s Bazaar” in 2016. The charges were eventually dismissed in 2016, but the damage was done. 

That wasn’t the situation that broke her and Jaden up, though. It took cheating allegations to put their love through a major test after Atlanta photographer Gunner Stahl posted a photo online of him laying in bed with Sarah, per Hollywood Life. By 2017, the duo was dunzo and a source told “US Weekly,” “They had been on the rocks for a while and stopped having shared interests.”

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