‘Hard to pick a low point’ [Video]

On Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Sunday, Oliver took aim at Dr. Mehmet Oz and his U.S. Senate campaign in Pennsylvania. Oz was a surprising entry into the Republican primary, and was reportedly met with mockery among Pennsylvania Republicans. With Oz now in full campaign mode, Oliver joined in on that mockery.

“Trump has endorsed Dr. Oz, and we’ve talked about Dr. Oz’s daytime snake oil carnival in detail before,” Oliver said. “So I didn’t think his campaign could surprise me, but it has, because it’s been a sh*t show.”

Oz has been posting videos of himself at the grocery store, and pumping gas in order to take shots at President Biden over the prices. But in the past, he has posted videos of his lavish lifestyle, and is reportedly worth hundreds of millions of dollars, so Oliver isn’t buying Oz’s indignation. To prove his point, Oliver showed a video Oz posted of himself wakeboarding in Italy.

“That is Dr. Oz wake surfing with the caption ‘surfin’ through #Italy’ to the song ‘My Life Be Like.’ And the truth is, that is what his life be like because he’s f**king rich, which means he gets to do stuff like that,” Oliver said. “But what he doesn’t get to do though, is stand in front of gas pumps and pretend like he’s personally affected by those numbers.”

As stated above, Oz’s entry into the race was not initially well-received by some, and former President Donald Trump’s endorsement received backlash. Oz has tried to win over Republican voters with gun-rights and anti-abortion posts, but Oliver believes the TV doctor’s videos could be his downfall despite his having spent countless hours in front of cameras.

“Maybe that shift to the right and the Trump endorsement will help him win, but if that happens, it’ll be pretty remarkable,” Oliver said. “Because for a man who’s made a career out of talking into a camera, it is amazing how bad he’s been at doing that during this campaign. It’s honestly hard to pick a low point.”

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