All the Ways the Biden Family Has Made Money Over the Past 20 Years

The president has lived a life of riches to rags to riches again. Though wealthy in his childhood, some bad business dealings left the Biden family broke. Joe Biden still received a private school education — and all the networking benefits it affords — but had to work to cover tuition.

After graduating from college at the University of Delaware and earning a law degree from Syracuse, Biden went into a career of law and politics. That, you already know. What might surprise you, however, is that up until he left office, Biden’s main income outside his salary was from rental properties that he bought with his late wife, Neilia. More income was made from the then-vice presidential candidate’s 2008 book, “Promises to Keep.” It reportedly brought in an estimated $80,000.

Financially, things have looked up for Biden since he left his VP position. After 2016, he’s made millions from book tours and speaking events, and now has a presidential salary and pension to look forward to.

A Deeper Look: How Much Is President Joe Biden Worth?

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