10 Things You Didn’t Know About Candace Owens

Candace Owens is a prominent member of the Turning Point USA conservative advocacy group. She is a conservative political activist and commentator who is a supporter of President Trump, and a critic of the Black Lives Matter movement as well as of the Democratic Party. We wanted to know more about her so we looked into her past, as well as current activities and we learned some interesting facts we’d like to share. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Candace Owens.

1. She wasn’t raised by her parents

When Candace was young, her mother and father split up and divorced. She was raised by her grandparents instead of either parent. She grew up in the city of Stamford, Connecticut and graduated of Stamford High School.

2. She was the target of violent racism by a mayor’s son

Candace Owens is African-American, and in 2007, she was a senior in high school. A series of threatening phone calls were made to her phone, and they were of a racist nature. She reported the incident and the calls were traced. At the time of the threats, Dannel Malloy was the mayor, and the calls were traced to his car. Malloy’s 14-year-old car was present at the time.

3. Candace won a lawsuit with the SBE

Over the racial harassment and intimidation incident, Candace’s family sued the Stamford Board of Education. The family felt that the entity had not protected Ms. Owen’s rights. They took it to federal court and they won the lawsuit and were awarded a settlement of $37,000.

4. She has her own television show

Candace has established her own show and it’s called “The Candace Owens Show.” She features guest speakers in taped segments. As of the last count, her videos have received over 2. 5 billion views from parties who are interested in hearing more about her conservative views on current social topics. She is trying to reach the population with her conservative and pro-Trump message. She’s interviewed celebrity personalities and well-known speakers including Roseanne Barr, Hawk Newsome, Rob Smith, Dave Rubin, Charlie Kirk, Scott Baio, Mario Lopez, and many others. Those who have been embroiled in a racial related controversy are given a chance to share their points of view. She lets them explain and in many cases, comments were made without thinking or realizing how they could possibly impact others. In some cases, people were accused of committing crimes that they claim they did not commit, but the allegations still had serious ramifications upon their reputations and their professional careers.

5. Candace was ran out of a restaurant by protesters

Candace Owens and colleague at Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk went out to grab a bit to eat at a local restaurant in Philadelphia. After the two were seated and began looking at their menu, they noticed that demonstraters who were seated at other tables began making jeers at them. From the window, they could see a big group approaching with police following after. The protestors were screaming at a man sitting in the window, and he just laughed while they called him “White supremacist. The crowd even began throwing food and other objects. It was clearly a very uncivilized display of emotion. You know it’s bad when you can’t even enjoy a meal without those with opposing views becoming disruptive and disrespectful of your rights as a citizen. We’ve seen this level of disrespect dished out by both liberals and conservatives alike.

6. She is admired by Kanye West

Kanye has come right out and stated that he has deep admiration for President Donald Trump. He’s not concerned with what other people think about that either. In addition, Candace Owens is one of his favorite right-wing free thinkers. He “loves the way,” she thinks because Ownes is not afraid to state her opinion publicly, even if it’s not trendy or the most popular idea. She just puts it out there, and she has a good rationale behind her beliefs, whether you agree with her or not. Kanye likes this kind of free-thinking.

7. Owens is a controversial figure today

Candace Owens has challenged Women’s March as well as Black Lives Matter movements. This has caused a big uproar in teh public and it’s stirred up quite a controversy. She openly criticizes these movements and she’s not afraid of who she might offend in the process. Candace has a lot of steel backing her resolve. She’s passionate about her feelings and her beliefs and she’s out to challenge liberals and movements sympathetic to this mode of thought.

8. She’s the founder of Blexit

For those of you who haven’t yet heard the term Blexit, it is a movement that Candace Owens began in an attempt to persuade black voters to become conservative and to abandon the Democratic Party. She is the co-founder of a website that is called Degree 180. Even the name of the website suggests that a change is necessary.

9. Candace wasn’t politically oriented until 2015

We were surprised to discover that Candace Owes had absolutely no interest in politics until about four years ago. She even used to classify herself as a liberal. She first went public as a conservative and as a supporter of President Trump in 2017. She sees Trump as a positive influencer for African Americans.

10. She never voted before becoming a republican

Candace Owens was very much like many other American citizens who forego the privilege of using their right to vote in elections. She was never a voter prior to becoming a supporter of the Republican Party. In fact she just recently registered to vote. One she realized the importance of every vote she went down and registered as a Republican. She works hard to promote a conservative point of view and to expose what she believes to be the dangers of liberal thinking.

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