10 Best Substitutes For Eggs When Baking

Aquafaba may have a fancy name, but it isn’t something you’ll have to go searching a specialty grocery store to find. This product is actually the starchy liquid leftover from a can of chickpeas or other canned beans, making it yet another easily accessible substitution for eggs in your baking ventures. 

You may notice that aquafaba is similar in consistency to raw egg whites, but it has much more use than whipping up a vegan meringue; per The Kitchn, its composition also gives it the ability to emulsify, gelatinize, thicken or act as a binder in your recipes. No need to worry about this product altering the taste of your baked goods either, as The Kitchn ensures the residual bean flavor will disappear during the baking process.

According to Rainbow Plant Life, you can use one tablespoon of aquafaba to replace one egg yolk, two to replace one egg white, and three tablespoons as a replacement for one whole egg in your baked good recipes. You’ll want to make sure you whisk the bean liquid for about 45 seconds when using it as a whole egg substitute so it gets a fluffy, foamy texture.

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