Tesla Just Gave More Updates On Its Cybertruck

When Cybertruck made a surprise appearance at the end of Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo, Elon Musk gave an update of sorts. “We can’t wait to build this here,” Musk said according to The New York Times. “Sorry for the delay. But you’re going to have this next year, and it’s really going to be great.” As MotorTrend explains, the Cybertruck made a surprise appearance after Musk and company revealed the first Tesla Model Y SUVs made at the Austin factory. MotorTrend listed some of the new additions Cybertruck didn’t have the last time we saw it, including side mirrors, seemingly larger bumpers, a redesigned headlight array, and what appears to be a single massive windshield wiper. Even with those design changes, the Cybertruck keeps that angular, blocky design from its initial reveal.

Unfortunately for everyone who has been waiting on a Cybertruck, Musk didn’t get into specifics regarding when we’ll be able to buy one of these electric trucks. Of course, there’s always a chance that Cybertruck will be delayed further, but given that Tesla’s competitors are moving forward with electric pickups of their own, you can bet that Musk and Tesla are going to want to do everything in their power to stick to that 2023 release window.

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