Joy Behar Throws Off-Color Insult at Marjorie Taylor Greene on ‘The View’: “Looks Like She Has a Mustache”

It was “Feel Good Friday” today on The View, and apparently what made today’s hosts Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, and LeAnn Rimes feel good was ganging up on congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a representative from Georgia who recently made headlines for calling the police on Jimmy Kimmel after he made a joke about her on the April 5 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

After Kimmel joked, “Where is Will Smith when you really need him?” in response to a MTG tweet calling Republican Senators Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins “pro-pedophile” because they voted Ketanji Brown Jackson onto the Supreme Court, Greene took to Twitter (as one does) a day later to angrily tag ABC to tell them this “threat of violence”  has been filed to the U.S. Capitol Police. “Touchy, touchy, touchy,” remarked Behar, rather cheekily.

The ladies of The View had plenty to say on the topic, beginning with Behar commenting on Greene, “She is a joke and then she can’t take a joke!”

Haines then chime in about her love for the art of the laugh, saying, “Comedy, to me, is like life’s elixir.” Alrighty then. In response to the drama that has befallen Kimmel and Chris Rock (re: the Infamous Oscar Slap by Will Smith) in the wake of jokes they’ve recently made, she fretted, “I don’t want to see comedy die.” When she then posed the sort-of question, “I don’t know why stand-up comics would do this,” Navarro immediately cut in with an answer, “Because they get paid and they get really good money, and they’re funny. It comes with the territory.” She swiftly asserted that “stand-up comics don’t care if you are offended.”

“People are losing careers,” Haines continued to worry, repeating for perhaps the sixth time how scary she found the profession of stand-up comedy. Evidently, what was truly scary was Greene’s own ignorance and hypocrisy, which Navarro was quick to mock, saying,”So really, sweetheart, you can dish it out but you can’t take it? I think in the right wing culture, they call people like you ‘Snowflakes.’”

Behar then seemed to think this was the ideal time to ask guest co-host Rimes, “LeAnn, have you ever been assaulted onstage?” This odd line of questioning eventually gave way to a chance for Behar to share an anecdote of her own about her buddy “Marj,” as she found it rich that the congresswoman would claim that Kimmel’s joke was inciting violence against her, when she, herself, once Tweeted a comment about Behar, “I think America would like to see duct tape around her mouth,” prompting the longtime talk show host to say, “I could get upset by something like that, couldn’t I?”

“Maybe that’s how they wax where she’s from,” offered Navarro.

“Well she certainly looks like she has a mustache,” Behar countered out of nowhere, prompting a groan of “Oh, Joy,” from her fellow hosts.

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