Strange Things About Mike Pence’s Marriage

We’re all familiar with the old adage that “behind every successful man is a woman.” This rings true for Mike Pence as much as anyone else. As Brian Howey, publisher of Howey Politics Indiana, told The Washington Post, “I would characterize [Karen Pence] as the silent, omnipresent partner. You knew she was there, you knew there was some considerable influence she wielded, but, boy, she was not public about it.”

Considering Karen was once an elementary school art teacher, one could assume she may not be the most well-versed in politics. Appropriately, she told IndyStar, “I don’t ever get involved in policy.” Going on, Karen explained, “I don’t weigh in on that. It is not my role.” That being said, get used to seeing her at Mike’s side at any possible moment. From events and rallies to Mike’s overseas trips in office, Karen is almost always there — possibly holding a tray of cookies (via The Washington Post).

The “prayer warrior,” as Pence pals affectionately call her, Karen’s importance is even recognized by Donald Trump himself. As the story goes, “when Trump called to offer Mike Pence the No. 2 slot, the businessman knew Karen Pence was by his side,” immediately asking to speak to her, as well. While on the record she may claim not to dabble in policy, Karen seems to have the ear of the vice president more than anyone else — and sometimes the president himself, too.

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