Reality TV Stunts That Went Terribly Wrong

With a title like “Naked and Afraid,” no one is expecting the popular reality series to be a barrel of laughs. But likewise, no one who goes on the show expects to head home without the family jewels — despite being left completely nude in the wilderness for several weeks.

In 2021, army veteran E.J. Snyder appeared on “Naked and Afraid XL,” the somewhat more extreme version of the original series. When Snyder signed up for the show, he probably wasn’t anticipating the possibility of leaving without his, ahem, manhood. As reported by the Daily Mail, Snyder fell from a tree, severely damaging his scrotum. “I fell in, the branch broke, I hit a stick. It just lacerated,” he said of the gruesome misfortune. Subsequently, a medic presented Snyder with the grim reality: “Worst case scenario is an infection, a loss of genitalia, and if he becomes septic it could be fatal.” Despite the bleak outcome, Snyder opted to remain on the show after receiving several stitches. Thankfully, his man parts did not need to be amputated, though he certainly came close.

Incredibly, this wasn’t Snyder’s first serious calamity on the show. He was previously injured on “Naked and Afraid” back in 2013, when he punctured his foot, resulting in a particularly nasty infection, per HuffPost. Remarkably, the army vet decided to soldier on. There’s no denying that Snyder is one tough trooper.

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