Patrick Stewart’s Tragic Real-Life Story

Celebrity marriages aren’t exactly the strongest thing in the known universe, and like many other A-listers, Patrick Stewart’s had his share of divorces. According to the Independent, though, the actor’s first marriage did actually reach a fairly respectable age before it dissolved. He married choreographer Sheila Falconer in the 1960s, and the couple stayed together until 1990. Stewart has two children, Daniel and Sophia, from this 24-year marriage. 

Stewart’s second marriage resulted from his time on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” as the woman he married, Wendy Neuss, was actually a producer for the show. Per Express, however, their marriage lasted for only three years, and they divorced in 2003. 

Fortunately for Stewart, his third marriage to singer Sunny Ozell seems to be made of sturdier stuff. The pair met in 2008 at a restaurant where Ozell was working as a waitress, and they eventually married in 2013. As Stewart told People in 2022, the pair continues to do just fine. “I’ve never met anyone like her before,” the actor said. “She is so smart and so informed. And her intellectual accomplishments are extraordinary. She remembers everything.”

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