The Transformation Of Robert Pattinson From Childhood To Batman

Pattinson’s casting as Bruce Wayne, aka “The Batman,” in a gritty new take on the Caped Crusader helmed by “Let Me In” director Matt Reeves, was originally announced in May 2019 (via Variety). The actor commented that he had always been attracted to the character and tried to put his own spin on Wayne where “he’s a bit out of control. He hasn’t really defined what Batman is” (via Polygon). After some delays, including Pattinson himself testing positive for COVID-19, the much-anticipated superhero film will be released on March 9, 2022. 

Considering his new development deal with Warner Bros., and the upcoming hot franchise film, Pattinson should be feeling some confidence. But he recently told GQ, “When anybody asks me, What are your hobbies? I’m…fretting. Worrying about the future.”

You’d think that Pattinson of all people would be more relaxed about his prospects. Still, that’s not how one of the most fearless, compelling performers of his generation has ever operated. Whatever Pattinson does next on-screen, viewers can only be certain that like his other roles, it’ll be unlike anything they ever expected from him.

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