The Transformation Of Barron Trump From 1 To 15 Years Old

Barron Trump finally got a chance to get out of the public eye in January 2021, when he moved to Florida with Donald and Melania Trump. Barron’s new school, Oxbridge Academy, is near the family’s Mar-a-Lago resort and is located in Palm Beach, per Express. The school is ultra-luxurious, having been founded by business mogul William Koch, and costs $34,800 annually. Fortunately for Barron, the school also offers a huge athletic program, so he’s got it made in the shade. It even has a flight simulator, so he will be entertained for sure.

Not only was the transition an adjustment for Barron, who went from attending school in New York City to St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, to a new school in Florida, it also required some adaptability on the part of Oxbridge Academy. As The Palm Beach Post reports, it’s the first time the school had to accommodate the Secret Service for any of its students. The head of Oxbridge Academy, Ralph Mauer, said, “A small contingent of (Secret Service) agents will be present during each school day. We are working directly with the Secret Service to ensure that logistics and security work smoothly and discreetly with little impact on students, faculty, staff, or day-to-day operations.”

However, the security team won’t be around forever. Barron is slated to graduate in 2024, and, as ABC News reports, the Secret Service will only protect him until he’s 16 unless he faces threats that require their continued presence. 

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