The Transformation Of Amanda Seyfried From 1 To 36

After becoming famous for playing an airhead in “Mean Girls” and a cheerful singing and dancing bride-to-be in “Mamma Mia!,” Amanda Seyfried had her work cut out for her to be considered for more dramatic films. Looking to hone her acting skills, she sought variety. “I don’t want to be pigeonholed. I don’t play the same character all the time,” she told the British i newspaper.

To avoid being typecast as the wide-eyed innocent girl, she selected roles in films that were a bit edgier, like the horror comedy “Jennifer’s Body,” in which she played the nerdy best friend of a hot albeit man-eating monster, and the erotic thriller “Chloe,” in which she portrayed a call girl who has more than few homoerotic moments with Julianne Moore’s character. “Chloe” was definitely her darkest role yet. “Thank God for that movie. … No one wanted to see me that way,” she told i News. “I think it was a big turning point for me as an actor, personally. I put a lot into that movie,” she told IndieWire.

While such roles definitely redefined her capabilities as an actor, she also held her own as a romantic lead in some mainstream love stories like “Letters to Juliet” and “Dear John,” demonstrating she could pretty much do it all, from comedy to horror to drama to romance.

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