The People Michelle And Barack Obama Dated Before They Met Each Other

In Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming, she reminisces about Kevin, a college senior and the “football-player boyfriend” she dated during her sophomore year at Princeton University. Originally from Ohio, Michelle described him as “a near-impossible combination of tall, sweet, and rugged.” Ooh la la. While they were dating, Michelle thought he was destined for medical school, but he ultimately decided to put his schooling on hold and “pursue a sideline interest in becoming a sports mascot.” Umm. Michelle admitted that she (“unfairly”) judged him for that decision and dumped him “as soon as [she’d] seen him in a furry mascot outfit.”

Although Kevin has yet to come forward about his relationship with Michelle, we do know how things ended up. Michelle wrote that Kevin did become a “very good” doctor after all and even married a fellow alum. And, well, you know who Michelle ended up marrying.

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