Whatever Happened To Haley Reinhart?

After releasing her first three albums on Interscope, ole, red dot, and Concord Records, respectively, Haley Reinhart decided to get off the label merry-go-round in 2019 and issue her fourth independently. Yes, heavily inspired by her love of all sounds retro, “Lo-Fi Soul” was released through her own Reinhart Records company, and the “American Idol” graduate couldn’t have been happier to take on more control.

In an interview with Billboard to promote the LP, Reinhart said, “I put out exactly what I want, when I want. There’s no compromising or dumbing down my vision when it comes to the music and my aesthetic — and I own it, too. I’ve enjoyed working with labels in the past, but it feels good to be at that point in my career where I can do it on my own. It’s definitely been more work on the business end… but boy is it worth it.”

Reinhart was supported in her efforts by Larry Rudolph, the manager she then shared with a certain Britney Spears. He told the same publication, “If anyone can thrive as an independent artist in today’s music space, it’s Haley Reinhart. Her unique and undeniable talent, along with her commitment and conviction to her art is unlike anything I have seen in a long time.”

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