Pete Alonso’s wife posts crash photos, videos on Instagram

Pete Alonso’s wife Haley Alonso was driving behind the Mets first baseman and witnessed the crash that flipped his car three times on Sunday while on the way to spring training.

“I thought I watched my husband die in front of me and I will never forget that feeling,” Alonso’s wife wrote in an Instagram post on Monday — including photos and videos that showed the aftermath of the “horrifying” accident.

“Yesterday as Pete and I were heading to Spring Training, a distracted driver ran a red light going at an extremely fast rate and hit directly into Pete’s truck. I was in my car following behind him and saw the whole thing happen in front of me. Once the car struck the side of his truck, it flipped 3 times and slid into where you see it in these videos.

“I slammed on my breaks, jumped out of my car and ran up to his truck,” she continued. “I was terrified of what I was going to see. I couldn’t see inside of the truck because the windshield was shattered. I screamed for him just hoping that he’d be able to answer me. He said he was ok and was going to kick out the windshield to escape since he was trapped. He got himself out and to everyone’s shock, only had a single scratch on his arm. It’s a miracle that he’s safe after this horrifying of an accident.

“…This could’ve easily unfolded much differently and that’s what is so scary. Life can be taken from us in an instant. Please do not drive distracted and wear your seatbelt. This happened 5 minutes from our house, it can happen anytime, anywhere.”

Alonso’s Ford truck was “T-boned” in Tampa, where the couple spends the offseason. The footage, posted by his wife, shows his vehicle flipped over with a shattered windshield and windows. Remnants from the crash were scattered throughout the street, and one snap showed the airbag that went off on the driver’s side, where Alonso was trapped.

Mets star Pete Alonso ‘lucky to be alive’ after devastating car crashPete Alonso’s truck flipped three times in the accident. Haley Alonso/Instagram

Mets' Pete Alonso and wife Haley.“”I thought I watched my husband die in front of me,” Haley Alonso said. Pete Alonso/Instagram

Pete Alonso's truck after "horrifying" crash.Pete Alonso’s truck after “horrifying” crash.Haley Alonso/Instagram

Fellow wives and girlfriends of other MLB players shared supportive messages in the comments — including Katia Reguero, the wife of Mets star shortstop Francisco Lindor.

Alonso participated in batting practice and fielding drills on Monday and said he felt “normal.” He anticipates he will be ready for full workouts Tuesday with the rest of the team.

“Everyone in my family is OK, and my wife was an absolute trooper, she really helped and you never know what can happen,” Alonso said while at his locker at Clover Park.

“[Sunday] was a real close experience to death. My car flipped over probably about three times … and I am really thankful to be alive, thankful that I’m healthy.”

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