What Life Is Really Like For Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Now

Dannielynn Birkhead’s biological father, Larry Birkhead, was overjoyed to be named as her guardian following her mother’s death. However, Howard K. Stern was Anna Nicole Smith’s partner at the time of her passing and Dannielynn’s birth — and was even named as the baby’s father on her birth certificate (via People). At the height of the battle right after Anna Nicole’s death, Larry told ABC News, “I have the will power and the determination to know my daughter.”

After the court ordered a DNA test, Larry was thrilled when the results affirmed that Dannielynn was his daughter. Larry stood outside the courthouse after getting the good news, telling reporters, “I hate to be the one who told you this, but: I told you so” (via People). “My baby’s gonna be coming home pretty soon,” he continued. In fact, just a month before the fateful results were announced, Larry had told reporters he was already setting up a nursery for his daughter.

Once Larry was declared Dannielynn’s father, Howard made every effort to help him gain sole custody of his daughter. The two men regularly kept up with each other as Dannielynn grew. “The minute after the paternity test was over … he’s helping me change Dannielynn’s diaper, [showing me], ‘This is how you feed her,’ … it’s been nonstop since then,” Larry told interviewers with ABC News. Today, Dannielynn continues to enjoy the support of her father and her family.

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