Kim Kardashian and Kanye West May End Up with Informal Custody Arrangement

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The big issue remaining in the Kim and Kanye divorce is child custody, and his new lawyer hedged in court Tuesday on how it will shake out … but we’re told it’s highly likely it’ll end up so that Kim will be home base and Kanye can see his 4 kids pretty much whenever he chooses.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … based on Kanye’s schedule, which involves significant global travel, the typical custody arrangement spells out in detail who gets the kids and when is simply impractical.

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For instance, they’ve attended birthday parties and other functions together as a family, without any kind of formal structure. It’s possible they’d create a structure for XMAS, Thanksgiving and other holidays, but Kanye is a global traveler because of his various businesses, so planning ahead may be unrealistic.

Our sources say as crazy as the divorce has been, the custody issues for the most part have been handled peacefully. Whenever Kanye’s in L.A. and wants to see the kids, Kim has facilitated it. For example, the other day Kanye wanted to take one of the kids to a basketball game, and Kim gladly obliged. In other words, there’s an open-door policy when it comes to custody.

Kanye also typically gets the kids every Sunday for his Sunday Service.

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It’s been a bitter pill for Kim to swallow at times. You may recall, when Kanye took Saint and North to the Super Bowl a few weeks ago — in full mask — there were some boos, which isn’t great for the kids. Nevertheless, it never became an issue for either Kim or Kanye.

Our sources say it will get super messy if Kim and Kanye get too specific with custody arrangements. They can always go back to court if it becomes acrimonious, but for now things have been peaceful, and the thinking is … don’t rock the boat.

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