Stars Who Treat Crew Members Like Trash

You know that something must have gone down when the lead of a money-spinning DC Comics superhero series made her exit after just a single season. Exactly what happened, though, remains disputed. Ruby Rose, the brief titular star of The CW’s “Batwoman,” claimed that a toxic work environment left her with no option but to walk away. However, according to various co-stars and crew members, she was the one responsible for all the toxicity.

Alexander J. Baxter, a production assistant on the show, was one such dissenter, telling CBR that Rose’s allegations were off the mark. “The production company was professional, dialed in and in every way fantastic,” he countered, before also praising the dedicated and hard-working crew. Baxter was less complimentary, though, about the leading lady. “Then came Ruby Rose … She stormed off set, she yelled at people, and whenever she interacted with any of us production assistants, we were disregarded as the trash we picked up. She was a dictator to work for, and having been nothing but a production assistant eager to get into the industry, she made me consider quitting.” 

Baxter concluded by describing the inaugural “Batwoman” season as the Australian’s “reign of cruelty.” And he wasn’t the only name to speak up against Rose, either. Her co-star, Camrus Johnson, aka Luke Fox, tweeted, “It is VERY hard to be fired when you’re the lead. Imagine what you have to do for that to happen.”

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