Bad Home Advice Dished Out On Restored By The Fords

If your contractors make any major design changes, you need to know about them before they are implemented. However, this isn’t always the case on “Restored by the Fords.” Leanne once convinced Steve to make changes to a kitchen mid-episode, and while the architect was brought in and approved of rearranging things completely, the homeowners still had no idea. While there is a certain level of surprise expected when you hand off your house to appear on renovation reality TV, this should never happen in real life.

According to Alan Mascord Design Associates, making any significant structural changes once construction is underway can really push out your timeline, as you might need to apply for new permits. The cost of your home will also significantly increase, as you’ll be on the hook for all the labor and materials already used, plus everything for the new designs, too. Sometimes, however, you might be able to sneak in changes without too much fuss if work hasn’t already started. You could choose different roofing materials or even different paint colors for the interior walls. Things like window sizes and door locations are trickier to change once things are underway, as they rely on the home’s framework, which is expensive to alter.

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