Every Superman Actor Ranked By Comic Book Authenticity

George Reeves landed the role of Superman in the 1951 “Adventures of Superman” TV series, though he was initially reluctant to take it. Despite this, he put on the blue tights and red boots and stepped into America’s living rooms as the Man of Steel. The show was an incredible success: Before long, Reeves was a superstar. The series closely resembled the comics published throughout the 1950s.

Superman is a strongman capable of performing amazing feats, and that’s precisely how Reeves played him. Of course, Reeves also played Clark Kent, and his take on him perfectly reflects the comics as well. Christopher Reeve (no relation, despite the last name) played Kent as a bumbling fool. In contrast, Reeves played him as a competent, confident reporter who would do anything to get his story.

The series added some powers that weren’t in the comics. Superman’s bulletproof skin nearly got Reeves killed when a boy showed up to a meet-and-greet with a loaded gun. Fortunately, the kid didn’t test Reeves’ ability to stop bullets with his skin, but the incident certainly shocked the actor. In an odd twist, Ben Affleck played Reeves in 2006’s “Hollywoodland,” a decade before he took on the role of Batman.

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