All The Times The Bold And The Beautiful’s Liam Cheated On Hope

Ivy Forrester’s time on “The Bold and the Beautiful” was short-lived, but she managed to insert herself into the lives of Liam Spencer and his brother, Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks), while she was there. Most of Liam’s indiscretions when he was with Hope were physical, but with Ivy, it was more of an emotional cheating. In 2014, Liam was hopeful about a genuine future with Hope, and he wanted to solidify this by marrying her — again. Sadly for Liam, Ivy — with the help of Wyatt’s mom Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) — had plans to sabotage it.

While in France on a business trip, Hope and Liam made plans to meet at the Eiffel Tower so they could get married. However, Quinn wanted Hope to be with Wyatt, so she pushed Ivy into the Seine, knowing that Liam couldn’t help himself from being the white knight and would jump in to save her. However, by saving Ivy from danger, he never showed up to meet Hope, leaving her crushed and once again questioning his priorities.

Hope couldn’t believe that again Liam chose another woman’s needs instead of being there for her. It was Steffy all over again, and Liam’s brother, Wyatt, took advantage of the situation to grow closer to Hope, eventually marrying her. This wasn’t the end for Hope and Liam, though, nor their cursed love triangle with Steffy.

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