All Of Sharon’s Husbands On The Young And The Restless

Rey Rosales’ path crossed with Sharon’s after J.T. Hellstrom’s murder. J.T., who was married to Victoria Newman, had a history of abuse, and Victoria confessed this for the first time to Nikki, Phyllis, and Sharon at a girls’ night they organized. J.T. unknowingly snuck in moments after her confession and attacked Victoria. Nikki struck J.T., on his head, unintentionally killing him. The four women decided to bury him, but their secret was endangered when Rey Rosales arrived in Genoa City, searching for J.T. due to his outstanding debts. Rey supported Sharon, offering protection and growing closer to her, and she began to fall in love.

After Rey told her that he loved her, Sharon told him the truth about the murders. Rey turned them in and the four women were found guilty and sentenced. Despite this, Rey played a crucial role in helping them escape prison. Once it was revealed that J.T. was alive, Sharon and Rey decided to give their relationship another chance. Rey embraced his role in Sharon’s life and formed a bond with Faith.

Despite challenges such as Adam’s interference, their relationship endured. Their journey faced another obstacle when Sharon was diagnosed with cancer, but it didn’t break them up. Throughout her treatment, Rey stood by her side, offering unwavering support until she was declared cancer-free. Sharon proposed to Rey, and they were married, savoring a period of relative happiness. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Rey suffered a heart attack and passed away.

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