The Transformation Of Taylor Dooley From Sharkboy And Lavagirl To Now

In 2020, Dooley got the opportunity to reprise her role as Lavagirl in the Netflix film “We Can Be Heroes.” 

The film’s story follows a group of superhero kids who must save the world after their parents have mysteriously disappeared. One of the superhero kids happens to be Lavagirl’s daughter, which meant Dooley got to return to the role that everyone still remembers her for — and she even got to have some on-screen superhero action in the film’s final act. “We Can Be Heroes” proved to be very successful, with Forbes reporting it as Netflix’s biggest film release to date (at the time it was released). The film was able to bump “The Grinch” for the longest consecutive days on the Netflix top 10 list, which was quite an achievement (and a testament to the power of nostalgia, for sure).

So, after Dooley’s long journey as an actress and mother, she was able to go back to the role that started it all. In fact, Dooley may not be done with Lavagirl just yet, as her Linktree features a petition which is campaigning for Lavagirl to get her own movie. So, who knows? Maybe in the future, we will be seeing Dooley as Lavagirl once more.

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