5 Of The Saddest And Darkest Episodes (That Made Grown Fans Cry)

Glenn Quagmire, one of the many characters voiced by Seth MacFarlane, is the sex-addicted neighbor of the Griffins. While he claims to have had sex with over 1,000 women at one point in the series, his creepy sex-crazed antics make him one of the more entertaining, if not problematic, residents of the town of Quahog. That is why it is so surprising that fans were given a moment to get emotional with him when he discovers he has a daughter.

In Season 8, Episode 6, “Quagmire’s Baby,” Peter Griffin (again, Seth MacFarlane) comes to Quagmire’s home to return a radio he bought at a garage sale when they find a basket with a baby inside. Quagmire, who calls the child Anna Lee, tries to come to grips with being a father while still cavorting with as many women as possible. Of course, the crying infant ruins many of his plans and he makes the decision to put Anna Lee up for adoption.

What makes this episode tremendously sad is not that he is a father (he claims to have many illegitimate children all over Quahog) but that after putting Anna Lee up for adoption, he discovers it is a huge mistake. Just when you think he is going to go back and get for himself, he sees how happy she is with her new family and decides she is better off with them. While we, as viewers, would never believe that Quahog would make a good father, he does exactly what a good father does and puts his baby’s interests in front of his own, even at the cost of great personal loss.

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