Independence Day 3 – Will It Ever Happen?

When you think about how the “Independence Day” franchise might be continued, the easy assumption to make is of a third film. But if Disney does have interest in going back for more, the saga could find its way to television. Roland Emmerich is more than happy to explore that option for a third entry in the series. “They have now a streaming service and they need product,” he told in 2021. “I would love to do maybe a third one, or a TV show, continuing the story.” 

Emmerich even believes there’s a way to adapt his plans for a third movie into a series that could air on Disney+. “When we did ‘Independence Day: Resurgence,’ we already had, also, the third part already [planned]. And actually, the third part has much more to do with the first part,” he remarked. According to him, the proposed story is deep and complicated, and it sounds like more than enough to fill a 10-episode season for Disney’s streaming service. 

“We learned, more or less, that out there are a lot of refugees and they’re living on a refugee planet,” Emmerich detailed. “And where [the aliens] finally come there because, somewhat like these aliens on Earth, found out about it and telepathically or whatever gave it to their super queen. They’re all humans, but in all different forms.” Whether it will ever be a show or a movie, Emmerich said only, “We’ll see what happens.”

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