The 15 Best Judy Garland Movies, Ranked

Despite delivering some jaw-dropping performances in the latter stages of her career, Garland’s star had faded greatly in the 1960s. Out of favor with American audiences, Garland attracted an adoring fan base across the pond in the United Kingdom and moved there permanently. Art often imitates life, and that’s certainly the case with “I Could Go On Singing,” which casts Garland as Jenny Bowman, a singer who finds great success performing in the UK, particularly at the London Palladium. A year later, in 1964, Garland enjoyed enormous success performing at that very venue in real life, recording a live album and a TV special with her daughter, Liza Minnelli.

Jenny isn’t just performing in London. The tour provides her a chance to reacquaint herself with her old lover, David Donne (Dirk Bogarde). They had a child together, but Jenny left the child behind with David, and the boy doesn’t know his mother’s identity and believes himself to be adopted. Jenny finally gets to spend time with her son — too much time, according to David.

Though “I Could Go On Singing” went down in history as Garland’s final film role, it’s reassuring to know that she left cinema at the top of her game. Her singing is as profound as ever, and her performance feels like she’s bearing her soul through Jenny. “I don’t want to be rolled out like a pastry, so everyone can get a nice big bite out of me,” she tells David in a heartbreakingly vulnerable moment — for Jenny, and likely Garland too.

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