Retcons In The MCU That Never Should Have Happened

Gamora is one of the most dangerous women in the galaxy, and it’s easy to see why. She’s the adopted daughter of Thanos who, up until his demise, was feared across the universe, and she was raised by him to be a lethal killing machine. In the first “Guardians of the Galaxy” film, she’s arrested by the Nova Corps, and it’s revealed that she is the last survivor of the Zehoberei people. This detail makes Gamora far more tragic; her family was wiped out by Thanos, preventing her from growing up in a loving environment and resulting in her being raised by a megalomaniacal Titan. Her outcast persona only makes her all the more worthy to join misfits Star-Lord, Drax, and the other Guardians.

However, this fascinating characterization is undermined when “Avengers: Infinity War” sees Thanos tell Gamora he only killed half of the people on her planet, and that the remaining half is thriving peacefully and with enough resources to go around. Furthermore, Gamora doesn’t even seem surprised by this revelation, even seeming to know this fact. This may very well have been yet another overlooked detail, but it does hurt the pathos initially associated with Gamora, making her less complex. Even if the writers had decided to change her backstory, they should have made her act surprised to learn she may have some family on her home planet to show that she still misses them.

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