Joy Behar Snaps at Geraldo Rivera When He Mentions ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ on ‘The View’: “It’s Not About You!”

She may not have walked off the stage, but Joy Behar certainly gave The View‘s latest guest a piece of her mind. The co-host snapped at Geraldo Rivera during a segment on today’s show about Donald Trump‘s criminal charges and President Joe Biden.

Rivera, who joined the Hot Topics table today for his first interview since leaving Fox News in late June, ticked off Behar when he joked about his time on The Celebrity Apprentice, the reality show hosted by Trump, which ran for 15 seasons on NBC. Rivera appeared on Season 7 of the show, which aired in 2015.

During his appearance on The View today, Rivera discussed his friendship with Trump, including his wish that the one-time POTUS be pardoned for his criminal cases.

“You said that Biden should pardon Trump if he makes the deal to not run for the presidency, ” Behar told Rivera.

“I believe that,” he confirmed.

Behar then asked, “What makes you think that even if he pardoned him, this guy would disappear? He’s here forever. He’s never gonna go away.”

Rivera replied that the former president has “already been impeached a couple of times,” adding, “I want him to move on in his life. He had a pretty good presidency — I know a lot of people don’t want to admit that — but I think he had a pretty good presidency.”

But Behar objected, wondering, “Wouldn’t that have [Trump] admit that he’s a criminal? If he says he’s being pardoned?”

According to Rivera, not so much. The commentator claimed that a Trump pardon would unify the country, predicting, “If he’s pardoned by Biden, then I think everyone could come together again.”

Whoopi Goldberg then chimed in to say she just wants Trump to fess up, already. The co-host told the panel, “I want him to cop to the fact that he broke the law” to which Rivera replied, “I don’t think that would happen.”

Goldberg hit back, “and that’s why I don’t think he should get pardoned.”

Celebrity Apprentice Season 7 castPhoto: Getty Images

Rivera countered with his own little anecdote, telling the panel, “I remember a guy who could have fired me on Celebrity Apprentice and didn’t,” with a hearty chuckle and a smile, neither of which sat well with the co-hosts.

Both Goldberg and Behar immediately objected, with Behar snapping back, “This is about the country, this isn’t about you!”

“It’s not about you, Geraldo,” she repeated, and her guest conceded, replying, “I apologize.”

And with that, the interview wrapped, albeit on a rather tense note.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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