The Worst Choreographed Martial Arts Sequences In Movie History

The 1993 film “Undefeatable” is another low-budget project of Godfrey Ho. Cynthia Rothrock, herself a martial arts world champion, stars as Kristi, a street fighter who begins investigating a serial killer named Stingray, who begins lashing out after his abused wife abandons him. The hunt leads to a warehouse, where Kristi and a detective, Nick, confront Stingray and brutally kill him.

Though the fight sequence at the film’s climax is satisfyingly gruesome, most of it involves slow-motion punches that aren’t really slow-motion, just the actors pretending to move in slow-motion. Nick and Stingray also lose their shirts for no apparent reason other than to show off, and both make the most of every labored groan. 

Despite its poor quality, the final fight garnered the film attention, eventually being featured on an episode of “World’s Dumbest…,” a show highlighting terrible fight scenes. “Undefeatable” was elevated from a forgettable Godfrey Ho B-movie to a viral cult classic. It may not be the best martial arts film, but it’s certainly one of the most memorable. 

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