The Craziest Stunts Actors Insisted On Doing Themselves

Everything about “Crank” is over the top, and that’s by design. After Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) is injected with a drug that inhibits his body’s production of adrenaline, he must overdo everything just to stay alive. This includes electrocuting himself, getting into fights with the police, and having sex in public with his girlfriend. The slightest drop in adrenaline will result in his death, so he keeps at it throughout the film. Statham does most of his stunts throughout the movie, including the most dangerous one.

There are plenty of motorcycle chases, complex fight scenes, and more, but the real danger came when Statham dangled out the side of a helicopter 3,000 feet above the streets of Los Angeles, California. Statham told the Los Angeles Times, “The stuntmen asked me a hundred times, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’” Hardly anyone on the set wanted Statham to put his life on the line, but he insisted, strapped himself to a safety line, and dangled outside a helicopter.

Statham has been doing most of his own stunt work since breaking into the business. In an interview with IGN, he explained that he’d do more stunts if he were allowed to, and he was never frightened to do anything. Ultimately, safety concerns are the only limitation imposed on him, as a studio has limits on what it is willing to let its lead in a major motion picture do during filming.

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