10 Of The Worst Movies On Netflix Right Now

The “Groundhog Day” premise of reliving the same period of time over and over again has been trotted out a bunch of times at this point. “Edge of Tomorrow,” “Russian Doll,” “Happy Death Day,” and “Palm Springs” have all done their take on the trope with varying levels of success. But that didn’t stop Netflix from dragging it out one more time for the comedy “Naked.”

The movie stars Marlon Wayans — practically comedy royalty not too long ago — as Rob Anderson, a man who wakes up naked in an elevator on the morning of his wedding. With the clock ticking, Anderson attempts to make it to the church, but is arrested for public indecency and the church bells ring while he is still in custody. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), Anderson suddenly reappears back in the elevator, an hour earlier, with an opportunity to try again.

When a concept as well-trodden as living the same time over again, you really need to knock it out of the park to stand out. You wouldn’t remake “Groundhog Day” just to do a bad job at it. Sadly, “Naked” seems more interested in how funny it is to get Wayans naked in the elevator (it isn’t) than the very human elements at play. Audiences will go with your wacky premise if you give them a reason to care. Even in comedies, that’s what viewers buy a ticket for.

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