Disney Plus Removes New Movie Less Than Two Months After Premiere

Disney Plus, much like other competing streaming services, has been removing a number of films and shows from its platform. Now it’s been revealed that Disney Plus has removed a brand-new movie from their service. And in less than two months since its premiere.

As noted, this film is only one example of many different films and shows that are being pulled from the platform. But it’s quite shocking to see a film removed in just seven weeks from its premiere. This information comes from Variety, where it was shared that the removed film is none other than Crater.

The Disney Plus exclusive is a sci-fi adventure film that had a budget of $53.4 million. Crater comes from the producers of Stranger Things and starred the likes of Mckenna Grace, Isiah Russell-Bailey, and Kid Cudi. Kyle Patrick Alvarez directed the film while John Griffin wrote the screenplay. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite have the opportunity to reach many viewers. Especially now that it’s already removed from the service.

Many Disney Plus subscribers are understandably upset by this decision. After all, most people cannot understand why these corporations are suddenly so eager to purge content. But it seems like many of these removals are to be used as tax write-offs in an effort to save the billions of dollars that these companies are losing.

Here are some of the responses from subscribers on Twitter:

@DisneyPlus can you guys give us heads up when you’re gonna yank shows or films off. Was gonna watch Crater this week. If I knew it would be gone I would have watched it last week. This is insane. Looked like a cool story. What sucks can’t find it on iTunes either so guess I will…

— Ray Abu Salim 🌐 (@Saxgod) July 5, 2023

Was wanting to see the new @DisneyPlus movie “Crater” but just found out they deleted it only weeks after it was released. The more they delete the less reason there is to subscribe, very frustrating

— Blake Roller (@BlakeRoller) July 3, 2023

Tried to rewatch the excellent Crater on @DisneyPlus only to find it’s been inexplicably deleted. It’s only been 3 weeks since I watched it. It’s like the pre-VCR era when missing a show meant it was gone, but at least then it was free. Why am I even paying for these services? 😠

— Trike (@Trike) July 2, 2023

@DisneyPlus wtf….Crater came out less than 2 months ago and it’s already gone, no notice. Enough of this crap. Release the stuff on physical media or keep it on your streaming service. This just deleting content is completely idiotic.

— DH (@TheAceGambit) July 5, 2023

It’s certainly unnerving for those viewers who hope to see the hard work of artists preserved and not removed. For fans of film and television, it’s quite a scary time, and it goes to show that streaming isn’t exactly the modern convenience that so many thought it would be. As always, we’ll have to wait and see what happens, and whether or not the likes of Crater may appear somewhere else in the future.

Stay tuned to ScreenGeek for any additional updates as we have them.

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